Reiki – Weddings

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reiki for weddingsreiki for weddings

Services on Offer

  • Reiki for the Bride to Be
  • Reiki for the Groom to Be
  • Distance Reiki sent for your Wedding Day & Honeymoon
  • As a Gift for Bridesmaids & Groomsmen
  • Reiki for the MOB, FOB, MOG or FOG

Weddings are exciting but at the same time can be highly stressful events. In the lead up to the wedding regular Reiki Treatments can assist in dealing with the stresses and pressures that come with such a major life event.

reiki for weddingsreiki for weddings

Celtic Healing offer Reiki Treatment Services for all of the Wedding Party, from the Bride and Groom, their attendants through to their Parents.

Kreiki for weddingsaren can be flexible and come to you to give some “taster” Reiki or Readings for your Hen’s Night/Day guests. Arrangements can be made for her to attend the Brides home to provide Reiki in the Room whilst she is getting ready.

reiki for weddingsYou can even arrange to have Distance Reiki sent to you on the day to ensure the best possible outcomes for all concerned for your actual Wedding or safe travel for your Honeymoon.


Talk to Karen today to discuss a package designed just for you and find out how Celtic Healing can make your Wedding the “magical” event you hope for.