Reiki – Fur Kids and Beyond (Pets & People)

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Service on Offer:

  • Reiki Treatments – Hands On and Distance Healing for All Creatures Great & Small
  • Reiki Treatment for illness and more rapid recovery from vet treatments
  • Reiki Treatment for wellness and illness prevention
  • Reiki to help you and your animal make the transition to cross onto Rainbow Bridge
  • Customised Reiki I Course – Pets & People – learn how to give Reiki to yourself & your pet

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAre you a DINK or Fur Kid Family? Maybe it’s that hairy, four footed member of the family that needs some TLC or assistance. Or maybe the time is coming when your furry friend is getting ready to go to Rainbow Bridge to wait for you.



The Benefits for Reiki for Animals include:

physical healing,

– psychological treatment

– general wellness & health – illness prevention

– relieve tension

– alleviate fears and anxiety

– giving your animal a sense of peace

– pain relief

– rapid recovery from vet treatment

– aiding the body’s natural healing process

– bonding with your animal

Whether it’s a behavioural disorder, injury, or arthritis, your animals problem may be helped by Reiki. It can also be used as a wellness and health maintenance and illness prevention therapy.

reiki for pets reiki for petsreiki for pets

Any kind of animal can be helped, even wild animals – usually through Distance Healing, but sometimes it can be hands on too – they love it!

reiki for petsreiki for petsreiki for pets reiki for pets reiki for pets reiki for pets reiki for petsreiki for petsreiki for petsreiki for pets

You can also learn to give Reiki yourself in a Customised Reiki I Course – Pets & People (Animals and their Humans)

Please note Karen has a cat allergy so usually only Distance Healing is offered – she is however happy to discuss your specific needs with you and “get out the antihistamine” if hands on treatment is absolutely required.