Reiki – Pregnancy, Birth & Post Partum

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Deep relaxation, reduced stress, reduced morning sickness, an easier labour, quicker healing and assisting milk production – read on to find out why every pregnant Mum should be booking in for some Reiki Treatment – or even better, do a Mum’s & Bub’s Course with Dad or a Grandparent at Celtic Healing!

pregnancy reikipregnancy reiki

Pregnant women are often told by all and sundry they should be “glowing” and enjoying their pregnancies but some of the very common health issues such as: morning sickness, tiredness, hormone/mood changes, lower back pain, circulatory & digestive changes and stress, can all make it a little less of an enjoyable time for some. Reiki is a gentle, non invasive, safe, but powerful complimentary therapy that goes beyond just the physical by providing emotional support and bonding between Mum and unborn child, resulting in a beautifully deep sense of calm and positivity for both of them.

Whilst Reiki is not guaranteed as an instant miracle cure (in some cases it has been), regular Reiki treatment assists the body to heal and look after itself, which can ensure better circulation, balanced energy levels, more emotional stability and elimination of blockages and toxins in the body, especially during pregnancy, birth and the days following.

Pregnancy, Birth and the arrival of a Newborn are all major life-changing events. The initial excitement of a pregnancy can become dulled as time progresses and the reality of what lies ahead sets in, resulting in apprehension, even fear and anxiety – especially as the due date draws closer. Reiki can help to prevent, reduce and even alleviate this.

Since the body is going through such major shifts and adjustments a pregnancy can also bring up buried emotions, fears and insecurities from our past that we had either forgotten about or never even consciously realized were an issue. A regular weekly or fortnightly Reiki Treatment and balancing of the heart and solar plexus chakras is highly recommended by most Reiki Practitioners with a specific interest in Mums & Bubs. That’s why doing a Reiki I course and treating yourself, or your loved one, can be a very cost effective option to consider.

Sometimes, going through so many physical and emotional changes, as well as medical procedures, examinations and interventions, Mums-to-be might sometimes feel that their body doesn’t even seem to belong to them anymore and they feel a bit out of control. Reiki can help Mum’s get back that sense of balance and grounding that will make them feel in control again, no matter what surprises might come.

The unborn baby will also get the Reiki too, and they absolutely love it! Reiki has it’s own Universal Wisdom and automatically adjusts to what is required, so it perfectly safe for the unborn child. Reiki can do no harm, only good.

pregnancy reiki

List of the Benefits of Reiki During Pregnancy & Birth:

  • Provides emotional as well as physical support to both Mum and Bub
  • Creates a balanced, loving and harmonious relationship between Mum & Bub
  • Helps reduce exhaustion & morning sickness
  • Reduces anxiety, sleep problems, and enhances muscle & ligament relaxation.
  • Can assist in reducing feelings of being invaded by medical interventions and a bit out of control of their own body
  • Relief to every part of an aching and stretched to the max body
  • Helps transition and adjustment to Motherhood as well as the baby after birth – less chance of pre and post natal depression.
  • Helps release the fears related to pregnancy and delivery
  • Helps soothe anxiety and impatience waiting for the birth
  • Restores balance and health during pregnancy and after labour and delivery
  • Helps control and lessen pain during labour
  • Can help labour progress if stalled or slow and ease the Transition phase of labour
  • Can make actual delivery easier
  • Previous Caesarean Section Mum’s can often expect less need for one this time (depending of course on the reason for the first one)
  • Calming and relaxing effects on both Mum and Bub
  • Reiki in the delivery room makes an easier transition for the baby during birth and when it’s born (which is a major life event for this little child joining the world).
  • Fathers, and even Grandparents, can get in on the act if they do a Reiki I course to support the Mum and Bub, during pregnancy, birth and afterwards. Creating a sense of inclusion, sharing and contribution with the Mum and Bub.
  • Reiki can support any other children in making the transition to extending the family and welcoming a new little sister or brother.
  • In the early days after birth, it can assist the mother to heal quickly and to assist in milk production
  • Help Bub adjust to life on the outside,  to feed better and sleep better.
  • Help both Mum and Bub deal with the common issues to newborns such as colic, teething, nappy rash etc.

pregnancy reikipregnancy reiki