Crossroads – Guidance from Tarot

crossroadsAre you standing still at a crossroad in your life and uncertain which path you should follow? Instead of moving forwards you are now stationary, sitting on your bottom wondering all the “what if’s” and lets face it you could be here a very long time in the confusion and stress of making the “right” decision and taking the “right” path so you don’t end up with any regrets.

But really there is no “right” or “wrong” path, each just leads you on a different adventure. Admittedly one could be easier, smoother, have gentler and kinder lessons for you to learn from, fewer stingy nettles and brambles to move through, more flowers and friendly creatures and warmer weather. The other one might have a few more challenging lessons, a few harsher things to overcome but still growth and achievement at the finish. But both will bring you home for your highest good in the end. The choice is always yours!

Sure it’s your choice, but it’s not always clear just how to make that choice without having regrets, a trillion doubts and what if’s and wishing you had taken the other path. That’s where I can help – a divination session with Celtic Healing can provide you with guidance as to the possible outcomes from your two paths. Tarot and Oracle Cards can help you make your decision with more information about the likely outcomes, so that you will no longer be stuck trying to decide and will be the most comfortable you can be, with the eventual path you choose to take. Remember, you are always ultimately in control of your own destiny.


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