Forgiveness – not what you think?

forgivenessForgiveness is a life lesson many of us struggle with. We often think that it means that if we forgive someone for what they did to us, or for whatever happened that hurt us in some way that it means it didn’t happen, or it wasn’t important, or that somehow our feelings about it all are negated and insignificant, it didn’t matter. It somehow lets them off the hook, sets them free of not have to be responsible any longer, or it means what happened was somehow “okay”. It might not be someone else you need to forgive, it might be yourself, something you did or didn’t do that you feel bad about. You may struggle to accept what you did and feel guilty and that you deserve to be punished, not forgiven.

What if I told you, NONE of that is what forgiveness really is?

Forgiveness is setting YOU FREE! It’s not about other people, it’s all about yourself!

We like to try to put things into some kind of logical order, some kind of neat little boxes, that’s human nature. But the truth of the matter is we actually can’t know all the why’s, what fors or what ifs. We actually can’t really know someone else’s intentions, motivations, values, beliefs, and impulses that cause them to act or behave in certain ways. We often don’t even know these things about ourselves in unknown situations. You might think you would react in a certain way but until you’re faced with the reality, and actually in the situation, you will never really know, and even then, there’s no guarantee that given a repeat of that situation you would do the same thing again, you may very well react totally differently now based on this experience. Humans are very, very complex!

On top of that, you can’t ever have the true perspective, the big picture, because you don’t know what sacred contracts you or others have made in this life time, nor what karmic debt is coming through and life’s lessons to be learned and mastered – maybe you did far worse things in a past life than them. You can’t know the spiritual account setting going on and higher order of things, nor what your or their life’s purpose truly is this time around. There are just too many unknowns, but one thing is for sure, FORGIVENESS IS HEALING!

Forgiveness is pure and of the highest vibration – it cleanses all sorts of blockages and pain. Forgiving doesn’t mean it never happened or that what you did or experienced didn’t count or hurt, what it means it that you are prepared to acknowledge it and then let it go, to set yourself free. Holding on to it only holds you back. In forgiveness you release that hurt, pain and wrong doing from your body and your auric field. Karma will sort out any imbalance in the transactions of life, you don’t need to worry about it. Trust that the Universe has your back and that all that happens is ultimately for your highest good.

So go ahead…..set yourself free!

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