An Enhydro Crystal refers to ANY crystal that has a water/fluid chamber trapped within. They are usually seen in clear crystals such as quartz (so can look like Rose Quartz, Citirine, Smokey Quartz, Clear quartz, Herkimer or Amethyst) that has a natural water or fluid filled chamber within it. Opaque crystals can also be Enhydros but as we can’t see into them, we would never really now. Enhydros are very exciting finds full of possibilities, hidden potential, knowledge and magic!

Most of fluid inclusion chambers break during the growth cycle in the ground or after they are freshly mind. Breaking can be due to changes in position, pressure, or temperature. Many of the chambers also break in transit due to extreme changes in temperatures as they pass through different climates. For example if the temperature is below freezing the fluid can freeze, expand and burst. Once defrosted the water gets reabsorbed into the crystal structure and evaporates – so the chamber is now dry, creating was is called a Dry Enhydro. I know that sounds weird, “dry” and “with water”!

Inside the fluid chamber there can be just water/fluid with no other contents and in very rare cases the fluid itself can actually be coloured; but often there is an air/gas bubble (s) either round or oval shaped, or other debris such as a carbon ball or plant/animal material may be visible. Sometimes the only way to know you have an Enhydro Crystal is to see the bubble, as the clear fluid is often invisible within the clear crystal to the naked eye. Depending on the sizes and shapes involved of the actual chamber and any inclusions within, the contents can be mobile or immobile. Sometimes you get lucky with an immobile Enhydro if you gently flick it a few time with your finger and manage to dislodge the contents, if it’s not too solidly trapped inside. Most people prefer to have a moving Enhydro, even if it is only by a couple of millimetres, as this proves the existence of the fluid. Some can move several centimetres, in different directions and at different speeds, depending on the size of the crystal and the fluid filled chamber. Sometimes on larger crystals you can also see the water line within the chamber. Generally air/gas moves up and sediment moves down. Think of it a bit like a spirit level tool. They may also not travel in a straight line if the chamber is bend or unusually shaped.

Enhydro Crystal

Photo Credit: from lightworkersparadise by Lyn Wilkinson

The name Elestial relates to the base word Celestial. Elestials are also known as Skeletal Quartz, Alligator Quartz or Jacare (Portuguese for Alligator) Quartz Crystal. This is due to the scaly reptilian skin type of pattern in the configuration of these crystal.

Elestial quartz crystals have an extremely high vibration and are a powerful aid in your spiritual growth and can assist healing on a deeper soul and karmic level. They are attuned to the vibration and frequencies of the higher spiritual realms and will help you to make a stronger connection to the beings there, particularly celestial beings and angelic guides.

They are an excellent crystal to keep nearby as they continuously receive spiritual vibrations, which they regulate and attune to the energy of those in the room receiving it. They are a powerful catalyst for change and work on helping to dissolve deep karmic issues. Having them near you lets you to receive the unconditional love and light from the higher realms at a comfortable frequency, the level required for your personal growth and healing, without it impacting you in any uncomfortable way.

Enhydros are thought to be filled with the seed of potential that requires incubation, going within (feminine or Yin energy) that also requires the manifestation of that potential (masculine or Yang energy) so they are a balance of both Yin/Yang energy that allows birth of the potential into manifestation.

Enhydro Crystal

Enhydro crystal: www.eprakonewordpress.com pentacle overlay by Genn

Celtic Healing is steeped in the energy of the elements and this Male/Female energy within the crystal also balances with Water (Feminine) from the fluid and Air (Masculine) from any bubbles. The crystal itself is of the Earth and was formed in the Earth, as would be any sediments present such as a carbon ball or plant/animal material. The piexoelectric properties and the formation of the crystal under pressure and heat brings in the Fire element and of course connection to the higher celestial realms brings in the Ether or Spirit Element. So you can see why these particular crystals are extra special as they encompass all 5 sacred elements and therefore all possibilities. What could be better than that!

Each crystal is at a mimimum of a thousand years old, and within it there is trapped fluid which has been there since the crystal’s inception. What are the chances that there would be a cavity created inside the crystal, that them fills with fluid and enough air/gas to make a bubble which then becomes sealed off by more crystal to prevent its escape – its just not logical yet is happens as if by magic! This ancient crystal has ancient water or fluid was present thousands of years ago and can now be seen moving or living today.

There is forbidden knowledge contained within the fluid – since we have no way to access it, to know what it really is, without breaking open the crystal which would destroy it. It’s like it is knowledge that once known will forever alter things, since it cannot then become unknown. So in the knowing we loss something. For example. the magic is lost when you gain the secret of how the magic trick was performed or the secret past that your best friend asked you to leave alone, but you poked around anyway and once you found it out, it changed your relationship forever in how you viewed them. So it’s best to respect the forbidden knowledge of the Enhydro Elestial crystal in order to experience its unique and special gifts.

Whilst you could use an Enhydro Elestial crystal in a grid they are really kinetic beings so best used by holding or meditating, where you can physically feel it in your hand and move the crystal around, so that the full energy can be experienced.

If you ever have the chance to adopt an Enhydro Elestial crystal, do it! They are very, very special indeed.