Loyalty …..some people don’t seem to understand the concept!


Being Loyal does not guarantee it’s return to you. This has been one of my hardest & most painful life lessons. My loyalty is a strength I most like about myself. Being of highlander blood, I am fiercely loyal.

If I’m in your corner – you know it and have no fear, I will always have your back and best interests in my heart. I will defend you to the death, in me your friendship and love is assured. Yet this very strength makes me vulnerable and can even be seen as a weakness to be manipulated. Unfortunately, what I give is not always returned and there are some who take advantage of it and use it against me.

Some, whom I thought I could rely and count on, turned out to not only fail to support me when I needed it, but to actually stab me in the back
 and turn the knife for their own advancements. Leaving me hurt, broken, damaged and bewildered. Now I ask myself, who can you really trust anymore, and who would do for me what I would do for them?

Loyalty can so easily be used, abused & manipulated by the unscrupulous, who do not understand it’s true meaning or have any honour, ethics or morals. Their values and moral compass is nothing like mine, they are narcissistic, self absorbed users who believe the world owes them something and it doesn’t matter how you get there, so long as you get there. Some will even play sadistic games with you as a cat does a mouse, testing your loyalty and how far they can manipulate you. These kind of people no longer deserve my loyalty, friendship or time. I’ve learned this life lesson the hard way.

I am still a loyal person, it’s in my DNA, but now I am more cautious about who is worthy of my loyalty and who will be truly loyal to me in return. Relationships must be balanced and mutually beneficial to be healthy. I choose to accept only healthy relationships from now on, because that’s what I deserve.

I walk with my head held high and cut or shrink unhealthy cords, walking away from unhealthy relationships but thanking them for the hard lesson I learned. I will now teach people how to treat me by not enabling their poor and unacceptable behaviour to continue or make excuses for them any longer. My values are not negotiable, I put the bar high for myself, and I expect the same back, enough is enough. From now on I am going to maintain strong, healthy, safe boundaries and honour myself.

Does any of this resonate with you? Do you need to look at the balances in your relationships? Maybe you need to do the same for yourself? If you need some help doing this, call Karen 0412 562 832 and we can organize a bespoke healing session at Celtic Healing just for you.