Testimonials and Feedback


Meta – Tarot Reading (22.6.2018)

Karen did a tarot reading for me which was really down to earth. She is genuine with there reading and she is truly honest in her interpretation of her readings. Karen really put all her effort, and more, into helping her client get all the answers asked for. I will definitely do a tarot reading with her again.

Iva P (Monad Centre of Balance)  – Emerald Treatment (20.6.2018)

Had the most beautiful energy moving Green Emerald Healing experience with this lovely Soul I’ve known for a while. Its been a long time since I took myself out for a healing and this was the best experience I’ve had in a long time. The Emeralds were just deep and nourishing for the Soul and aligned ally Chakra. Thank you Karen, I’m grateful for your loving healing. Love Iva

Jane D – Reiki and Ayurvedic Kansa Massage (11.5.2018)

I recently had a Reiki Session with Karen and it was AMAZING. Karen is a lovely, warm lady who puts you at ease immediately. She takes the time to explain all the aspects of the “tools” she uses and allows you to ask anything. The Reiki Session was calm and relaxing. I completely zoned out. I left Karen feeling lighter and less “out of sorts”. I will be back!

Jodie C – Emerald Treatment, Reiki and Cord Cutting (18.5.2018)

Hi Karen. I would like to thank you whole heartedly for the beautiful Crystal Emerald and Reiki Healing that you have done for me recently. It was truly a gift. As you know I have been going through some stress in life and the peacefulness and calmness this healing provided song with a friendly ear was a privilege. I was especially impressed with the Emerald grid you placed on me (I love Emeralds), it was elevating, and literally an out of body experience that I thoroughly enjoyed. The healing I received during this time was amazing and completely comfortable. I am so very thankful for the work you did with me, it really made the world of difference to me. Thanks so much my gifted friend xxx

Lisa H – Reiki and Ayurvedic Kansa Massage (3.5. 2018)

Thank you so much Karen for my wonderful Reiki Treatment. Karen made me feel so relaxed and comfortable. She is extremely good and is very knowledgeable with all aspects of healing and I found the session very relaxing and calming. The Kansa treatment she performed at the end was very soothing with outstanding results!!!! Thanks again Karen – I “WILL” be back. Lisa

Sarah C – Multiple Reiki Sessions (2017)

Thank you Karen for your AMAZING healing experiences. You have such a gentle and calm nature with the extra knack of  taking time to listen to what I share and being able to offer relevant and timely advice. I love how you never make the appointment feel rushed. As for the Reiki I always leave the session feeling an inner sense of calm and peacefulness. I really appreciate having the spiritual messages of guidance  which come through you. You hold a very special place in my heart, so thank you very much. You are a very talented person who I feel privilege to know. I highly recommend your services.

Love Sarah

Justin Z – Reiki Session (2017)

Hi Karen. Thank you so much for my healing session. I’m almost ready to come back for more. Hehe. I felt very comfortable during my treatment, you have a strong professional but friendly manner which is important for this type of work. The bed was comfortable and I felt warm, loved and supported. You are very intuitive with your Reiki and I love that. It tells me that I can trust you and you have taken your skill development very seriously. That’s another plus for this type of work. Having your puppy’s interaction was very welcome, it didn’t disturb me. I know some people dont like it but animals are sensitive and have a message to help us on our journeys as well. It wouldn’t surprise me that one day you will be very busy and hard to get a space with because you will be on high demand. Especially if I can recommend you. But small steps first. You are truely gifted and I am very pleased that you could give me that wonderful space and time for healing. That is after all all that we need.

Lots of love Justin

Sarah K – Crystal Healing  (2017)

OMG Today truly was an AMAZING experience having participated in a crystal healing soul retrieval session for the very first time. I loved that Karen took the time to explain each and every crystal, that alone was quite impressive, given Karen’s level of knowledge and ability to share in easy to understand terminology. But the placement of the crystals and the use of the Tibetan Singing Bowl was fantastic! It felt so good to feel the vibrations. I appreciated Karen stepping me through my first journey to heal my soul and I could feel a sense of freedom and ease by the end. Karen you have a client for life and I am eternally grateful for your time, love, dedication, listening ear and generosity. Thank you so much for everything, it really means the world xxx

Jodie C  – Reiki Session (2016)

I received a lovely Reiki session from Karen. She was very professional and comfortable to be around. When Karen started I could feel waves of energy coming through her, like she was warming up and she felt my daughter was there with us, which was fantastic. While working over my abdominals I noticed my breathing change, becoming quite rapid. This happened on both sides as she worked around my body, and Karen felt it was something to do with my liver. Also when working over my left knee I could feel a lot of heat coming through. I felt very good after the session and slept really well that night. The next day I woke with a lovely sense of peace and a feeling closeness to my daughter Jayde (who has passed), for which I am grateful.

Thankyou Karen for a wonderful session.


NB Jodie also shared that prior to her Reiki treatment she had pain in her neck and right side of her head, that she had not mentioned – this disappeared after treatment and she was pain free.