What is a Psychic Medium?

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All Mediums are psychic but NOT ALL Psychics are Mediums!

What is a Psychic Medium What is a Psychic Medium

Psychic Mediums perceive spirits in other dimensions using one or more of the following abilities: 

  • Clairvoyance – “seeing” spirits, auras, objects and places that are not perceptible to others. 
  • Clairaudience – hearing messages from spirit either physically or psychically. 
  • Clairsentience  – experiencing psychic communication through “pure knowing” and feeling. They get surges of messages, information and knowledge given directly from spirit, that they can then interpret. (This is my real strength and has been all my life….I don’t always know how I know, but I just know!)
  • Mediumship – is direct communication with specific individuals who are incarnate (spirit) most often directly related to the sitter in some way. This is a special gift and not always possible to connect, or to hold connection for long… depending on the strength of the connection ….spirits are busy on the other side too!

Psychics and Psychic Mediums both have their own Spirit Guides and Mediums also have a Gatekeeper – who works on their behalf on the other side and offers protection. In special circumstances, a Medium may dispense with their Gatekeeper and speak directly to the incarnate (spirit) themselves.

Psychic Mediums can also use a variety of specific techniques that may assist them in receiving messages and information from spirit such as:

  • TasseWhat is a Psychic Mediumography (Tea Leaf Reading),  
  • Scrying (Crystal Ball, Shaman Stone or Pendulum) 
  • Psychometry (Reading Objects)
  • Reading Photographs
  • Crystals
  • Tarot Divination and Oracle Cards

What is a Psychic MediumKaren’s  teacher, who is helping her to unlock her ancestral gifts and abilities, says Karen has consistently demonstrate 
“a very high standard of psychic ability”.

Karen’s Power Spirit Animal is a magnificent and beautiful female Celtic Grey Wolf….come to be known as Tayowin, who was retreived after a Shamanic Healing.