How does Dreams of Gaia Tarot differ from a traditional tarot deck?

Dreams of Gaia Tarot features 81 cards, compared to the 78 cards in a traditional tarot. This ‘tarot for a new era’ is loosely based on tarot structure – there is still for example a major and a minor arcana, but the major arcana in this deck contains 25 cards, instead of the 22-card major arcana of traditional decks, and this new deck does not use the traditional tarot symbology.

The Dreams of Gaia Tarot major arcana does not contain the traditional archetypes of the classic tarot. The major arcana of this deck contains four sub-sections:

1 – Card Zero: One card only, called The Choice Card.

2 – Cards 2-8: Stages of Life
These are archetypes that we all live, whether we are male, female or gender-neutral. They are aspects of our nature that we possess, or have moved through, or are influenced by.
1. Child, 2. Maiden, 3. Youth, 4. Mother, 5. Father, 6. Crone, 7. Sage, 8. Death/Rebirth

3 – Cards 9-16: Reasons for Being

These cards relate to why we are here and what we are here to achieve – whether it be just the individual, or humanity as a whole.

9. Knowledge, 10. Wisdom, 11. Healing, 12. Love, 13. Union, 14. Self, 15. Abundance, 16. Destiny

4 – Cards 17-24: Influence
These cards represent different aspects that have a major impact on our ability to make choices and action them.
17.Journey, 18.Thought, 19.Emotions, 20.Desire, 21.Perception, 22.Intuition, 23.Faith, 24.Integrity

The cards of the Dreams of Gaia Tarot major arcana are all aspects of every single one of us or which influence us in some way. This makes the reading of the deck far more personal, and applicable to each individual reader.

The Dreams of Gaia Tarot has a 56-card minor arcana – the same number as traditional tarots, but the suits are named after the elements:

Earth – representing the spheres of Home/Family/Career
Air – representing the spheres of Thought/Belief/Intellect
Fire – representing the spheres of Action/Manifestation/Being
Water – representing the spheres of Emotions/Relationships/Intuition

The four traditional Knights of the classic tarot have been replaced with four individual ‘advisors’ to the King and Queen. They are the Seneschal (Earth), The Scribe (Air), The Hero (Fire) and The Counsellor (Water). The Pages, traditionally the number 11 card, have been replaced with a ‘balancing/realignment’ card.

The deck is designed to be a ‘tarot for a new era’ – it’s a kind of overhauling of the entire traditional tarot system that is more applicable to the modern age, and more relatable the individual.