NEW – Crystal Medicine Bags and Grids

What Is A Crystal Medicine Bag? 

A Crystal Medicine Bag is a special group or collection of crystals (usually tumble stones) chosen to work together for a specific purpose. They are often carried on you, with your, or placed somewhere near you, where they can be seen and touched often and their energy can work with yours.

You can of course create your own Medicine Bag with stones you are attracted to…but sometimes you may want to achieve a specific purpose and may need some professional help with creating the right combination. That’s where Celtic Healing Crystal Medicine Bags can help, Created by our Crystal Shaman and Reiki Master these bags have been specifically designed for specific issues or purposes.

You can also get your very own Bespoke (customised) Crystal Medicine Bag or Crystal Healing Grid designed for your own specific needs.

How Much Does It Cost? 

Starting at $33 (plus GST and any postage required) for our Celtic Healing Crystal Medicine Bags it really depends on the individual costs of each of the crystals plus a little for the bag, and time in construction. Our Crystal Medicine Bags are NOT PRE PACKAGED – each Medicine Bag is prepared individually by order and has crystals that are individually hand chosen and Reiki charged just for YOU.

Currently Available:

  • Basic 9 Chakra Kit
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Love
  • Grounding & Protection
  • Patience
  • Courage
  • Fertility, Conception Pregnancy and Birth (Female)
  • Fertility and Conception (Male)
  • Money, Wealth and Success
  • Manifesting your Goals
  • Safe Travel

Our Bespoke Crystal Medicine Bags and Grids are the most affordable type of custom collection available. Starting at just $50 for a small 3 crystal bag, the final price is mostly determined by the price of the individual crystals plus $5 per stone for the time and expertise of our Crystal Shaman, Karen.  The most common price range for a custom Bespoke Crystal Medicine Bag or Grid is between $100-$200. However, they can also go much higher, some easily reaching $500 depending on the crystals used.

When Karen creates a Bespoke Crystal Medicine Bag or Grid, it takes at least an hour for even the most basic one – as it needs her total attention and guidance – sometimes requiring a shamanic journey on your behalf to find the right medicine for you. After all, we are wanting the most powerful medicine for your highest good. Karen will work within your budget, but obviously, the larger the budget the more choices in crystals to find the best possible fit and the greater number of stones that can be included in the medicine bag or grid.

Essentially, you meet with Karen and discuss your individual needs, goals and purpose and she will work within your budget to design the right Medicine Bag or Grid for you.

How Do I Get One?

Call Karen on 0412 562 832 to arrange to meet and discuss your specific needs and we will go from there!