Getting the Most Out of Your Tarot Reading

Often clients have the misconception that psychics will know everything about them, and so come unprepared for a reading and may even try to “test” the psychic by withholding information or not fully engaging in the process. In reality psychics are not omniscient nor infallible, in fact they simply tune in to messages and signs from the other side and try their best to accurately interpret them to pass on to the client. This is why they will frequently ask you if what they are saying makes sense or has meaning to you – to gauge if their interpretation  of what is coming through is correct.

The quality and quantity of information coming through to a large part actually depends on the client themselves. It’s their energy they are putting into the tarot deck as they shuffle, and it is usually their guides and loved ones from the other side that are trying to communicate and provide information. So the success or accuracy of a reading can be heavily influenced if you are not prepared or don’t understand what the Tarot  is really telling you.

Tarot is NOT GOOD at giving simple YES/NO answers, it’s more of a pathway or journey that is not set in stone (we all have free will and can alter our paths) but shows what’s likely if things remain on the current or proposed path. So by coming prepared with some carefully worded questions you’d like answered you will gain the most benefit from your reading as the information coming through will be much more targeted instead of trying to find a needle in a haystack or put together random jigsaw pieces with bits missing.

Questions that Tarot is not good at answering are things that are single or direct yes/no responses such as …..Should I leave my job, husband/wife etc. When will I meet the love of my life? Will my child pass their exams? How much money will I make from my new investment? What date would be best for my wedding?

Better questions for Tarot are those that are open ended or that indicate an outcome of what if…. What is the outcome likely to be if I choose to change my career now?  How will my romantic situation look in 5 years time?  What type of work will my child be most suited to and gain the most pleasure from?  What will my financial situation look like in 12 months from my new investment. What is ahead for me over the next year? What  messages or guidance do my loved ones in spirit wish me to know?

So before you book your reading work out what it is you really want to know about, is it just a general life path reading or are you seeking specific guidance or advice about a certain area of your life such as work, family, finances, health, romance, travel etc. Write your questions down, check if they can be answered in a single word or whether they are more open ended. If the former rewrite the question so it becomes open ended. Once you have your list of questions you will then have a better idea of how long a session you might need (30min, 1 hour or 2 hours). The average Tarot session is usually an hour.

Try to resist the temptation to “test” the psychic, this just wastes time and won’t get you the information your are really after and if you leave your questions until the end you may find you run out of time. Sometimes messages and signs can be ambiguous or unclear, so when the psychic asks you for clarification on meaning be honest otherwise they may continue to read the messages incorrectly and you won’t gain the correct information meant for you.

Tarot is a useful tool to provide guidance and advice about likely pathways, situations and outcomes rather than actually predicting the future as if it was unchangeable. Through free will, you or others around you, may change things and therefor alter the pathway, situation or outcomes. You are in control of your destiny, it’s a matter of choice not chance!