Distance Healing - Celtic HealingDistance Healing - Celtic Healing

  • Distance Reiki for Health – for animals and people who for any reason can’t attend in person
  • Distance Reiki for Events – Exams, Weddings, Birthdays, Labour & Birth – any special event
  • Distance Reiki for Work – Job Interviews, Difficult Situations, Team building, Communication Issues
  • Distance Reiki for the Home – harmony, protection, children, spouses, pets, garden, food, water
  • Distance Reiki for End of Life – Palliative Care, Hospices, Nursing Homes, Hospitals, Vets, Home

You may have heard of Reiki, the Universal Life Force Energy, which is associated with “Hands on Healing” for the client. You may even have experienced this wonderful energy treatment for yourself. But you may not know that these wonderful healing prosperities of Reiki can go far beyond a hands-on treatment.

distance healingThe amazing Reiki energies can be sent to anyone or anything anywhere across the world. Celtic Healing has special Distance Healing Gift Cards that are used during the session and will record the specific details of the healing. These can then be sent to the recipient afterwards. There are a variety of cost effective ways it can be sent from inclusion in a shared healing grid, an individual crystal grid or a one on one treatment with Horatio – my Distance Bear who stands in for the client in absentia.

With Reiki Distance Healing you can receive the benefits of Reiki without stopping what you are doing or having to go anywhere. You can be driving or even asleep. Reiki is a bit like having a good friend who is always there for you and to comfort you.

Reiki Distance Healing can be sent to you, to your friends or loved ones, to your pet or animals, for a problem, decision or challenge in your life. It can help also help with past or future events, such as exams, job interviews, special birthdays, weddings, labour and birth, divorce, grief – any special or significant event in your life.

You can have Reiki sent to your home, your business, or your work for any positive or healing purpose you wish.

Distance Healing - Celtic Healing

If you wish to have Karen send Distance Reiki to another you must either gain that persons verbal permission. If this is not appropriate or possible, the Reiki can still be sent but with the provision that if the person does not want to receive it the Reiki will go to the earth and heal the Earth instead. Reiki cannot interfere with free will.

Distance Reiki is very cost effective and can be offered in a variety of ways. Feel free to call Karen with any questions or specific requirements you may have, and find out how Celtic Healing can help you today.

Distance Healing - Celtic Healing Distance Healing - Celtic Healing