Power Animals, Spirit Animals or Totem Animals

totem animals

Have you ever wondered if you have a Power, Spirit or Totem Animal?

Frequently in my Healings, I get information from Power Animals/Spirit Animals/Totem Animals coming through with messages or guidance, even if the healing isn’t a Shamanic Healing in the first place! Sometimes they even insist on being retrieved and given back to their wards.

So, I thought I would give a bit of general background on these amazing guides and guardians that undertake to protect, teach, care for and guide us on this life’s journey.

Basically, my understanding is that it doesn’t matter whether you call them Power, Spirit or Totem Animals, it’s one and the same. The spirit of a Creature that chooses to assist you in the human journey. There is a sacred contract made for this incarnation and a Power Animal undertakes to be your life long protector, guardian and teacher. For me this is my Female, Celtic Grey Wolf, come to be known as Taowyn. They are not really one specific animal, but rather the life essence or spirit of that animal all connected. So she is really CELTIC SHE WOLF, but our guides also understand our human needs, and in my case the need for a name for her so she led me to discover one she was comfortable with. These Animals are WILD & FREE, so usually you would not have a domesticated animal as a Power Animal. They can however, be extinct (as in my case with Taowyn Celtic Wolves were hunted to extinction long ago) or even mythical such as Dragons or Unicorns.

I get asked if you can have more than one Power Animal, and the answer is absolutely! However, generally your life long companion will be the one who is always there with you, others will come and go in your life as your journey requires. So at this moment I am working with Brown/Black and Polar Bear, Barn Owl and more recently Kangaroo. But these animals are in my life for certain lessons and to assist me in my healings. I don’t know for how long, but I know they are not my life long companions.

Everyone of us has them. If you want to come to know your own power animal you can set your intent and ask it to reveal itself to you, then watch for signs. Generally, they come in threes, but not always. For example you may be given a gift by someone with a picture of your animal on it. You may hear or see your animal physically in the real world, or you may see multiple pictures of it around in magazines, on TV shows or peoples clothing. See what resonates with you. Then you can Google information about it if you wish, but be cautions if you do – often there can be conflicting information on the web. Always trust what feels right to you. If in doubt search your own heart and mind and think of how that animal lives (or lived) its life as a clue to the message for you in your life. For example Kangaroo has come into my life because I needed more balance and to know it was time for me to keep moving forward never looking back.

I hope this is useful to you in your journey.

If you are struggling with finding or retrieving your Power Animal this can also be done during either a Crystal or Shamanic Healing. Feel free to give me a call on 0412 562 832  if your would like to know more about this.


Karen x