Visualisation & Guided Healing Meditations

Guided Healing Meditations:

Do you ever worry that you can’t visualise the way others seem to?

Guided Healing Meditations

Some people ask me during guided healing meditations “Will the healing still work if I can’t visualise or if I fall asleep? My answer – ABSOLUTELY! In fact sometimes the Universe puts us to sleep for that very reason – so deeper healing can take place without the interference (mind chatter and wandering) of the conscious mind.

Many of us think that we have a block somehow when it comes to visualization – that we can’t do it “properly”. Let me assure you that EVERYONE can and does do it – just like we can all meditate. (Meditation is where we are totally absorbed in the present moment, the “NOW”. It doesn’t have to be sitting in a Yoga position on a secluded beach somewhere like we see in magazines and media! It’s those images that feed our fear that we can’t meditate but that’s another topic!)

We are all naturally and innately capable of visualising, without exception (I promise you), even though society has conditioned us to think only some gifted people can do it and we need to “see” things in a certain way for them to be real. This is only ever an illusion, I am telling you there is no right or wrong way to do it. You are a magnificent sentient being of light inside that human body vehicle and capable of amazing things, unique and special to your own way of doing things! It’s totally okay to do it differently and have your own style!

I tell my clients, in their minds eye to “visualise, imagine, picture or pretend” – it doesn’t matter which or how they frame their “intent”, it will work. It is actually their intent to be open, work with and receive the healing energy that flows from the Guided Healing Meditation that allows actual healing to take place. I like to think of visualisation as being sort of like daydreaming or recalling a memory.

Like any skill, the more you use it the better you become at it.

Practice Exercise:Try this exercise to gain more confidence in your natural ability to visualise:

  • Try to recall a childhood memory, something that you are familiar with and can remember really well.
  • Picture the scene in as much detail as you can, but remember there is no pressure to see or recall everything accurately. Just do the best that you can in this moment- that’s okay!
  • Now ask yourself some relevant questions that someone who wasn’t there might ask if you were recounting the story to them such as: What colors can you see? What faces? What scenery? What’s the temperature or weather like? Are there objects or animals around you? Build as much of the actual scene as you remember it as possible. Just watch the memory continue to unravel and unfold as more and more detail and questions come to mind.
  • You may not necessarily see images really clearly but you just know what’s there. The memory may evoke more of a feeling for you than actual images. Trust that whatever you experience is totally right for you. You did it! This is visualisation – Go You!!! Told you you could do it!

This is exactly the same process you go through when visualising during a guided healing meditation. Let the images form in your mind’s eye (mental body), or the feelings be invoked (emotional body), just like when recalling a memory.

Remember that you really can’t go wrong, there is no wrong! You are in control and can create the scene exactly as you want to, with infinite possibilities, all of which are absolutely perfect for you!

The more you practice, the more you will relax into the process and the easier it will become for you to use your imagination for visualisation. Just know that whatever you see, sense or feel is perfect for you.

Trust and be totally reassured that when you surrender to the power of a guided healing mediation you will receive exactly what you need for the highest good!

In La Kesh, In La Kesh, In La Kesh

Love, Light and Laughter

Karen X