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crystal courses

crystal courses

Celtic Healing now offers a small selection of Premium Quality Crystals at fair prices to it’s clients. Each individual crystal (including tumble stones) is hand picked, cleansed, charged and programmed for your highest healing by an Usui Reiki Master and Crystal Shaman. You can create your own collection.

Alternatively, you can purchase one of our specific Celtic Healing Crystal Medicine Bags for different purposes, with the individual stones hand chosen specifically for your bag by our Crystal Shaman. Our Bespoke Crystal Medicine Bags and Grids are designed for your individual needs and goals, and can be built around your budget. Talk with Karen for more information 0412 562 832.

crystal coursesYou can also book into a 1 Day Crystals for Beginners Course  for individual attention in a small group (max 8) and receive a Bonus 9 Stone Chakra Balancing Crystal Kit to keep, that you will be shown how to use during the course (Cost $200 plus GST). Call Karen on 0412 562 832 for more information or to book in!

Celtic Healing also offer a range of other related courses in which Crystals can be integrated and used:

  1. Intermediate Crystal Kingdom Course
  2. Advance Crystal Kingdom Course
  3. Crystals for Reiki Practitioners
  4. Crystal Healings
  5. Crystals and the Shamanic Way of Life
  6. Crystals and Psychic and Spiritual Development

Our Wellness and Wellbeing Channel – “Celtic Healing Corner” on YouTube offers a FREE 10 part series on Crystals for Beginners…. to take you through the essential basics.

Search on YouTube for “Celtic Healing Corner” or click the link below:

Crystals for Beginners 10 Video Series can be found at these links: