Celtic Shaman – My Animal Guides

I have taken several shamanic journeys and have connected with my animal spirit guides. My life long guide is a magnificent female Celtic grey wolf (extinct). Although she embodies the spirit of “shewolf” rather than a specific wolf, she understands it is easier for me to have a name, so she has come to be known to me as Tayowin and always comes when I call. She offers her protection in times of trouble and wraps me in her wolf skin for comfort.

She walks beside me and helps me to know I am the teacher, am fiercely protective and loyal to my pack and would die for my cubs. Although I am a social being, I am also capable and confident to stand alone if necessary. The Celtic wolf code is wise-
• protect your family
• honour the elders
• teach your young
• be loyal to your friends
• voice you opinion
• stand your ground
• take charge when others show weakness
• play when you can
• work when you must
• always leave your mark

Tayowin has helped me come to know more about my inner self…my insecurities and lack of trust in others that needed addressing.

“You are safe and protected at all times. The barriers you have erected to protect yourself, mentally, physically and emotionally and psychically are no longer necessary.”
– Wolf

I now recognise and acknowledge my capacity to make quick and firm emotional attachments and to trust my insights about those attachments. I have come to realize that diplomacy and retreat over open hostility or fights is preferable, not because of cowardice but because of powerful intelligence. I often face the world alone and prefer to work alone, but I still maintain a network of loyal friends and family when the going gets tough. I am often competitive and can be upset if the pecking order is disturbed, especially in my own family unit. I seek knowledge and information before making informed decisions, rather than reactive ones. Yet I don’t mess around when a decision has to be made, I can rely on my intuition to know what feels right.

Over time I have met some of my other spirit animals, bear (brown/black and polar), owl and selkie. But these animals are currently in my life for specific purposes and transitions rather than life long companions. My custom-made shamanic drum has both deer and snake medicine in it specifically to assist me.

I give thanks to all my animal guides.

Karen Herriott Partridge