How to do a Tarot Deck Interview Spread with your New Deck

I must admit, I had never even heard of a “Tarot Deck Interview” until I bought myself the Dreams of Gaia deck and was subsequently forced to check it out on YouTube, and accidently came across a Tarot Deck Interview by an number of different people with different decks.

I had tried to save money by ordering what I believed to be a NEW Deck via Ebay, but ended up with all 81 Cards, although I suspect they are knock offs without any gold guilt edging, no guide book and no box. I of course questioned this, was assured it is a NEW deck, NEVER USED, but comes without the box or Guidebook.

I wondered what message and lesson the Universe was sending me. I have always read intuitively anyway, but still like to check out the creator’s meanings as well, and even did a basic Raider Waite course when I very first started with Tarot, although I soon turned to reading intuitively instead with far greater success. So, I thought I would explore this “bogus” deck and check it against the real thing on YouTube. Turns out the images are the same, but I still went and ordered a proper deck – this time via Ravynne Phalen’s website and ensuring I get an autographed copy!!!! Bring out the big bucks instead! I love her artwork and I want the real thing!

Whilst I waited for my proper deck to arrive I explored YouTube and found out a bit more about this thing called a Tarot Deck Interview, because it really resonated with me even though I had never previously hear about it. So I put together my own version and then tried it out with the Bogus cards but with the intent of meeting my proper deck. I saw this as my practice deck for working with the real one. It was nothing short of amazing!

tarot deck interview

Here are the steps I used if you want to give it a try:

Go through each card in your deck in order, and just briefly check out the artwork and how each card makes you feel or any initial impressions. This is important not just as an initial bonding with your deck, but also to be sure all the cards are present. The last thing you want is to be working with an incomplete deck from the start. It also let me see how this deck differs from the traditional Raider Waite and Thoth Decks I am more familiar with.

Then spend some time shuffling – just getting the muscle memory feel and sensations of the cardstock and the size of the deck. This can actually be quite meditative and it can also be illuminating if some cards “pop” out in the process – I had CHOICE pop out pretty quickly. It confirmed for me what I had already suspected, that I’m going to work with this deck in a totally separate way that I have with my Raider Waite original tarot deck, and the other decks I have that may have different artwork, but are still really Raider Waite based. This deck is going to be different, I can feel it already. By my getting my Bogus “practice” deck without a guidebook at all, it is almost forcing me to work with it entirely differently. The MOTHER also popped out – which is how I see my most meaningful accomplishment in life so far, it feels like the deck is letting to know it knows ME.

It’s a 7 Card Spread Moving Clockwise where you ask questions and the deck answers in the first person.

  1. How Do You See ME within this Deck? (Put this in the centre of the spread)
  2. How Do You See YOURSELF (12 O’Clock position)
  3. What Are Your Strengths? (2 O’Clock position)
  4. What Are Your Weaknesses? (4 O’Clock position)
  5. What Are You Here to Teach Me? (6 O’Clock position)
  6. How Can I Best Work With You? (8 O’Clock position)
  7. What Is The Potential Outcome Of Working Time Together? (10 O’Clock position)

Here’s my actual example using the Dreams of Gaia Tarot:

  1. How Do You See ME within this Deck? – X WISDOM As an old soul Celtic Shaman with ancient wisdom that is being awakened within you. Both grounded and connected to nature, spirit animals, and the real world but also of the stars and heavens. You have knowledge but also understand how to and when to use that knowledge – that is wisdom beyond your years.
  1. How Do You See YOURSELF – XIII QUEEN OF WATER Emotional and flowing, intuitive. Full of Celtic wisdom and grace. Maiden, Mother, Crone and the all seeing eye. Feminine moon energies, linking cycles and tides. Taking on the form of the receptacle it fills so fitting to the quarent. Can be gentle and soft, but also powerful, violent and confronting at times. Persistent and can slowly wear down the hardest of obstacles to make the path forward.
  1. What Are Your Strengths? IX WATER Anticipation of ascention and connection to the heavens and the divine universal source. Innocence and purity, intuitively connected. Trustworthy. So much to offer and great potential. Less is more. Simplicity and humbleness.
  1. What Are Your Weaknesses? VIII EARTH Arrogance in KNOWING and the holding of power and control of information. Can be a bit condescending without intending. The golden orb and the staff speak of the “carrot and the stick” both reward and punishment, the balance of tough but fair especially in relation to money.
  1. What Are You Here to Teach Me? XII THE SCRIBE To use my intellect as well as my emotions, finding the balance, and to record and reflect on my expriences. To teach me the benefits of writing more regularly in my Tarot Journal and spending time reflecting on it.
  1. How Can I Best Work With You? VII AIR I see the angel wings, the double edged sword/dagger and the shamanic feathers as all relating to my 30 year old son who died 2 years ago. I think this deck wants me to connect more fully with my son in spirit when I use it. The book is divine knowledge he wants to share we me, we are in partnership together in Celtic Healing. With me in the physical plane and he in the spiritual plane.
  1. What Is The Potential Outcome Of Working Time Together? ACE WATER A new opportunity and beginning of a new cycle in my learning and healing. The beautiful water dragon with the celtic knot heart shows that emotional connection at the deepest primal level is possible between myself and this deck. It as assures me I will be protected on all levels by my elemental dragons and I get the feeling, Oceana, my Elemental Celtic Water Dragon, has brought this deck to me to work with.

Some Suggested Ways to Bond with your Deck

  1. Go through a look at the cards and ‘sit’ with the images in order.
  1. Do you want to personalize/modify the deck – ie trim the cards, or ink the edges. This makes it yours by changing its nature.
  1. Do a Deck Interview Spread like the example above.
  1. Daily Draw or Daily Spread – Ask, What’s the lesson for today? What’s in store for me today? OR How will my day unfold?
  1. List all the cards on a piece of paper, shuffle cards, draw and write down first word that comes to mind when you look at each card.
  1. Assign different things to each card eg Suits – character from TV, song or poem.
  1. Reading the Guide Book or little white book – helps you get to know the personality and intention behind the deck. Even just a skim is good.
  1. Using Spreads from the Guide Book – there can be specific spreads that are specific to the theme of the deck.
  1. Separate the deck into cards you love, cards you hate, and ones that are neutral. Work out why for each category – especially the negative or uncomfortable ones. Journaling can help this.
  1. Ritual (Cleansing Blessing etc) or Meditation with your deck.
  1. What’s the theme or historic context behind your deck – do some research to help you connect.
  1. Recurrences or repeating themes or characters within the deck can help you understand its personality.
  1. Comparison to the Thoth or Raider Waite based decks – where does your deck connect or diverge from the traditional. What does it mean for you in your readings?