They Said……

Reiki session 2 Nov 2016

I received a lovely Reiki session from Karen.

Although I was the first person she has done outside of family and her dog! she was very professional and comfortable to be around.

When Karen started I could feel waves of energy coming through her, like she was warming up and she felt my daughter was there with us, which was fantastic.

While working over my abdominals I noticed my breathing change, becoming quite rapid. This happened on both sides as she worked around my body, and Karen felt it was something to do with my liver.

Also when working over my left knee I could feel a lot of heat coming through.

Not sure if it had anything to do with the Reiki or just me but I didn’t know what to do with my arms during the session!! Not sure what that was about!!

I felt very good after the session and slept really well that night. The next day I woke with a lovely sense of peace and a feeling closeness to my daughter Jayde (who has passed), for which I am grateful.

Thankyou Karen for a wonderful session, I am free anytime you need to practise!
Jodie Cakebread

NB Jodie also shared that prior to her Reiki treatment she had pain in her neck and right side of her head, that she had not mentioned – this disappeared after treatment and she was pain free.