Reiki and Customised Healing 

  • Initial Consultation and Treatment (90 min)                  $150
  • 1 hour Session (45 min Treatment)                                    $100
  • 45 min Session (30 min Treatment)                                  $ 75

For regular clients only – Top Up Sessions:

  • 30 min Session (15 min Treatment)                                  $ 50

If appropriate (eg Animals), by special arrangement I can come to you, but I do need to charge for my travel….I trust you understand.

Psychic Readings

  • 30 min  $70
  • 60 min  $130
  • 90 min  $200

All Readings include  the use of my Psychic abilities – Clairvoyance (Seeing), Clairaudience (Hearing), Clairsentience (Knowing) and the use of Crystals as standard.

Generally, I usually conduct a Tarot Divination Reading as part of the Standard Reading.

However, instead of Tarot, the Client may select another mode of Divination that they feel drawn to – Tasseography (Tea Leaf Reading), Skying (Crystal Ball Reading), Psychometry (Reading Objects) or Reading Photographs. This should be discussed in advance when making your private appointment, as you may require certain preparation or objects to bring.

Mediumship – by special arrangement only

  • Price on application with a 1 hour minimum 

Please note:  NO Genuine Psychic Medium can ever Guarantee connection – but I will try my very best for you.

Please note prices may be subject to change without notice