Overview of Available Services


Still  keeping our 2016 prices – but please be aware prices may be subject to change 

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Reiki and Customised Healing 

  • Initial Consultation and Treatment (90 min)                  $150
  • 1 hour Session (45 min Treatment)                                 $100
  • 45 min Session (30 min Treatment)                                 $ 75

For regular clients only – Top Up Sessions:

  • 30 min Session (15 min Treatment)                                 $ 50

Specialised Crystal Healings

  • Initial Consultation and Treatment (90 min)                  $150
  • Simple Chakra Balancing  (1hr 45 min Treatment)        $100
  • Expanded Heart Healing (1hr 45 min Treatment)          $100
  • Advanced Chakra Balancing (1hr 45 min Treatment)    $100
  • Crystal Inner Child  (1hr 45 min Treatment)                   $100    
  • Crystal Soul Retrieval  (1hr 45 min Treatment)              $100                

Specialised Shamanic Healings

  • Initial Consultation and Treatment (90 min)                   $150
  • Power Animal & Soul Retrieval                                         $150
  • Psychic Surgery (if required as part of treatment)           $50

Specialised Psychic and Spiritual Healings

  • Initial Consultation and Treatment (90 min)                  $150
  • 1 hour Session (45 min Treatment)                                $100


Psychic Readings

  • 30 min  $70
  • 60 min  $130
  • 90 min  $200

All Readings include  the use of my Psychic abilities – Clairvoyance (Seeing), Clairaudience (Hearing), Clairsentience (Knowing) and the use of Crystals as standard.

Generally, I usually conduct a Tarot Divination or Oracle Reading as part of the Standard Reading.

However, instead of Tarot or Oracle, the Client may select another mode of Divination that they feel drawn to – Tasseography (Tea Leaf Reading), Scrying (Crystal Ball, Shaman Stone, Pendulum), Psychometry (Reading Objects or Photographs). You might also like to have a Crystal Divination instead. Alternatives should be discussed in advance when making your private appointment, as you may require certain preparation or objects to bring.

Mediumship – by special arrangement only

  • Price on application with a 1 hour minimum 

Please note:  NO Genuine Psychic Medium can ever “Guarantee” connection – but I will try my very best for you.

Note: If appropriate (eg Animals, the elderly etc), by special arrangement I can come to you, but I do need to charge for my travel….I trust you understand. I can also offer Distance Healing (price on application).

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