Meet the Healer

Karen Herriott Partridge

Karen was born in Scotland and is descended from a long line of Highland Seers and Healers.

She has always “known” her bloodline gift but has spent most of her time ignoring it and pursuing mainstream healing options. She was a nurse and a fully qualified (AAC) volunteer ambulance officer for many years. She is also a qualified teacher with over 26 years experience in education (primary, secondary and adult) and vocational training. Karen also holds a Masters in Criminal Justice and several other business, management and leadership qualifications .

Her breakaway from the mainstream world, embracing and finally exploring her psychic gifts, came from the sudden death of her adult son, Kyle, in a motorcycle accident on 24.1.2016. 

Karen is now a fully qualified Usui Reiki Practitioner (Hands of Light) and is trained in the use of Healing Crystals and to Balance Chakras. When ready she will also undertake her Reiki Master Training.

She has also studied under a world renowned psychic medium to unlock and develop her ancestral psychic abilities. She has training in Clairvoyance (Seeing), Clairaudience (Hearing), Clairsentience (Knowing), Tasseography (Tea Leaf Reading),  Scrying (Crystal Ball Reading and Pendulum use), Psychometry (Reading Objects), Reading Photographs, using Crystals, Tarot and Mediumship. Her teacher says she has consistently demonstrate “a very high standard of psychic ability” and now just needs to develop her confidence.

EPSON MFP imageKaren’s Power Spirit Animal is a magnificent and beautiful female Celtic Grey Wolf….come to be known as Tayowin, who was retreived after a Shermanic Healing.

Karen has been described as the “Classic Wounded Healer” and as having “Magical Hands”.

Make a private appointment and experience those magical hands for yourself….it could change your life forever!